Will CAIR Respond to the Garland Shooting? – Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich addresses questions that need to be answered by the moderate Islamic community in the wake of the Garland Texas shooting

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  • Apothis

    Thank you Katie Pavlich. Ok so moderate Muslims, you are up to the plate…..we’re waiting…waiting…crickets.

  • Wayne Lynch

    “In America free speech is under attack by Islamists”–Katie
    “Negro Art Show”, or “Draw Negroid caricatures”, NOT ONLY would have
    EXPECTED VIOLENCE, but that violence would be EXCUSED.
    EXACTLY as with Ferguson/Baltimore rioters; the accusations, the onus,
    EVEN criminal CHARGES would be levied against the victims.
    Here’s a fun little bet:
    I bet you $50. that the “Negro Art” would elicit MORE attacks. MORE quickly.
    With MORE participants, than did “Draw Muhammad”.
    Something to think about “In America”…where “Affirmative Status” is uncritically