Who’s More Disrespectful Towards Women? Bill Clinton or Donald Trump – Katie Pavlich

Hillary Clinton Fires Back against Donald Trump’s Personal Attacks

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  • Pekuliar316

    If Hillary Clinton never caught on to what her husband was doing with all those women until his cover was blown by an impeachment trial, she should drop out of the race right now for she is truly deaf, blind and dumb!

  • Lee Thomas Walker

    That people might take Hillary Clinton’s side in this is one of the strongest arguments that “democracy” is a form of government doomed from the start.

  • Ray Kepper

    Hillary has known it for years! FACTS! They’re a BIG pair of liars & thieves! Just like how she took furniture out of the WH! Give me a break! They have both done horrific things! Murder accomplices, etc.!

    Two of the biggest cons who are BOTH a disgrace to our country!!!

  • Ray Kepper

    You can tell how lame the old hag is…she even attacked the younger! Just like Killary!

  • Guitarstar

    Liberal Sewage is no match for Katie’s dynamic Intellect. Killary is a repuslive specimen of fake, phony, arrogant Lying, lawless Slime. She took million$ from Arab countries that spit on woman & have no respect for woman. TRUMP 2016, Get Used To it.