Who Built That – Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin joins Sean Hannity to discuss her latest book
Who Built That

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  • Ricky Perky

    Obama don’t want people to realize that hard work and percerverance can make you succeed in America. It may not happen overnight but it can happen. It’s not lottery like Obama won. He’s no president, he’s a community agitator and it’s in his advantage to keep the minorities stirred up and mad as hell. He thinks if he does that he can advance his ideas of socialism looks better.

  • Jan

    I believe that living off the government is the worst thing an innocent new baby can be doomed to. Why would anyone want to be told what drug infested project they had to raise their children in, or what groceries and how much groceries they can buy, or what inconveniently slow crowded clinic they had to wait in for medical help? And on top of that they are willing to receive a pitiful little check every month, all so they do not have to work??!!!! ( In fact, they are not allowed to work in many cases). I say they will work and they will gain pride in their job and they will reject Government assistance and they will be free from government rule on how much they can have. So why not go into the public housing projects and systematically tear them down while hiring mostly those who live there to build new homes on private property bought by the government. Let the workers have these homes at a reasonably, lower than normal, interest rate. They can pay the mortgage because they have a job tearing down the projects. Men and women can do this. I am a 70 year old woman who works in home construction all the time. For people who need groceries, hire people to go out and buy good groceries with a meal plan in mind for the homemaker. Everyone wins!! We would have healthier recipients of our food programs and a way to slow or
    stop fraud. We would create many many jobs doing this and we can pay for these jobs just from the saving in fraud alone. So much could be gained by getting rid of projects and furnishing private homes and in doing so, creating jobs and getting a handle on some of the outrageous fraud in our government while giving hope and pride to many. This is just a starting point, but to many it would be the starting point they need for their families to avoid drug dealers and to acquire an attitude and hope of freedom from government intervention in their choices in life.

  • Chuck Maverick

    .To return America to its former greatness the first order of the day is to get rid of Obama and the Congress.

  • alnga

    Of course Obama hates FOX news, and you would too if you were a socialistic planner of a totally reformed America in the image of the failed Russia in the 1930’s.