What Do Americans Think of Threats to Cops? – David Webb

Published On July 10, 2016 » 16694 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, Recent Post, War on Cops

David Webb takes to the Streets of New York City in Times Square to ask folks what they think about threats to law enforcement officers

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  • lunchboxmike

    Some look to police for answers when they’re the problem… DETROIT’S ROGUE COP GERALD BECKEM #3798 is causing much greater diabolical destruction and deprivation to the city and residents of Detroit than do violent pathological criminals. Dozens of complaint letters have been sent to “Fun & Games Dancer” Chief Craig exposing this bad cop BECKEM. However, not one response has been returned to justify the epidemic and systemic problem of ROGUE COPS in Detroit. It would seem in exchange for short-term illegal revenue to support the financially dilapidated city; Detroit’s own CHIEF CRAIG may be intentionally ignoring his officer’s illegal traffic citations by choice. Unlawful and despicable actions by police strongly discourage suburbanites from returning to invest money into the violently crippled and dilapidated city. Further, issuing fraudulent traffic citations is illegal, and bonds the inseparable and valid belief that all cops are crooked, bad, and should never be trusted, as clearly depicted in Facebooks “Cop Block” and “Police the Police”. Ever Increasingly, parents are teaching children never to trust or talk with law enforcement officers because of bad cops like GERALD BECKEM #3798…I will continue to expose bad cops that violate law abiding citizens rights, and I will also declare chiefs and captains personally accountable and liable for officer’s illegal actions when valid complaint letters are intentionally ignored. Public citizens must stop supporting police when departments are void of checks and balances that find favor in ROGUE COPS rather than law-abiding citizens. Cops blissfully war against law-abiding citizens in favor of financial revenue, job security, rank and sick entertainment. People just can’t take it anymore… (Policing for Profit with extreme financial hardship at the expense of “We the People” has got to stop) Even telephone calls from jail cost upwards of $25.00 per minute. It’s no longer just criminals that have extreme distain for cops. I hope to have your full support in 2018. -Michael B. Saari (Candidate for State Senator 2018) NOTE: The DPD web site blocked our organization from reporting unlawful police activity… How’s that for a public and taxpayer funded police web site? PROOF THAT BECKEM AND THE DETROIT POLICE ARE WORKING FOR CHARTERED CORPORATIONS AND NOT “WE THE PEOPLE”…

  • Ed