VIDEO: Swedish Women Sexual Harassed by Alleged Migrants – Katie Pavlich

Published On January 19, 2016 » 3877 Views» Featured Patriots, Katie Pavlich, Political Correctness, Radical Islam, Recent Post, War On Women

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ALERT:“What we’ve been seeing is a direct result of the progressive idea that multiculturalism trumps assimilation” says Katie Pavlich in a compelling discussion of what’s taking place throughout Europe as a direct result of the vast number of Syrian and North African refugees entering the continent

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  • ENTPee .

    Armed population is not solution… Yeah, right!

  • Corpus_Innominata

    Maybe someone could investigate the role of the US Dept of State in the rapefugee crisis.

    I don’t think the rapefugees behave much like this in their own nations. It’s really only when they get around white females. What do people think the Moors and Barbary Pirates were doing centuries ago? Having a friendly picnic? Whites really need to learn their own history.

    I dare anyone of Fox News to speak out on the interracial rape epidemic in the USA. The “rape culture” activists on US colleges are still trying to portray white males as rapists. Interracial rape from white males is almost non-existent while another racial group commits tens of thousands of rapes against another group every year. Anyone wanna play guess the racial groups?