Vets Upset Over T-Shirt Showing American Flag Upside Down – David Webb

Published On May 26, 2015 » 2415 Views» 1st Amendment, David Webb, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Recent Post

PACSUN  Apologizes, Removes T-Shirt Showing American Flag Upside Down debated by David Webb and Leslie Marshall

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  • OzCop

    There is not question the country is in peril at the moment, given the obvious ignoring of our constitutional process by the current administration…but as David explained, the use of the upside down flag represents a ship in trouble. I think the context has to be specific before this is applied and the designer obviously ignored that context…


    The shirt was in black and white, implying the “distress” was between black and whites. This with the “black lives matter” protest in Coney Island, intentionally disrupting the Memorial Day Parade, were intended to upstage Memorial Day and our honor of our fallen solders. This selfish disrespect can not be ignored.