Two Mideast Refugees Arrested on Terror Charges in U.S. Courts Today – David Webb

Spirited debate between David Webb and Alan Colmes on the security issue of Mideast Refugees

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  • mickey mack

    Alan colmes is just ridiculous. he is a jew yet doesn’t support Israel, welcomes jew and American hating muslims into our country! colmes is a traitor to the US as much as obama and clinton are.

  • Lorri French

    OH my. Gosh that irritating rude liberal Alan Colmes , not only kept interrupting ( like all libtwits ) he managed to drag GWB into the debate… As always David Webb did an excellent job and kept his cool .

  • CaptainWhodey1

    I wonder how long Colmes would last if all his neighbors were Mideast refugees?

  • Mike Laborde

    Combs works for Obama/democrat terrorist.