Tulsa Police Officer Accused in Shooting Death Speaks Out – Michelle Malkin

Published On April 3, 2017 » 41932 Views» Featured Patriots, Michelle Malkin, Recent Post, War on Cops

CRTV’s Michelle Malkin joins Fox and Friends to defend Oklahoma cops Betty Shelby and Daniel Holtzclaw

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  • NewWest 123

    It did but I got it…The women cops trial goes up next month and she like so many others are being railroaded by BLM. Get CRTV Michelle Malkin does excellent reporting as well as Steven Crowder Mark Levin and more to soon come onboard. Way better than cable news….

  • RightSightings

    I deeply apologize for the playback issues of the video. I’ve embedded a lesser quality version of the clip, hopefully this should reduce the buffering issues.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Knights Hawk

    I don’t believe that the shooting was racially motivated at all.
    What I do believe is this woman should never have been a cop in the first place. While the other cop had a taser out she was deploying a firearm. While the other cop was aiming to incapacitate the individual, she was using lethal force. Sure, the guy was “non-compliant”, he was also non-aggressive and he was unarmed. He made no sudden moves.
    She simply got rattled and lost her cool.
    Murder? No.
    Manslaughter? Yes.

    • Katrina

      Is that the way you do things on your department? How many people on PCP do you deal with annually? Do you find tasers to be effective on them? Do you deploy tasers when you have no lethal cover? Because that is exactly what got the officer killed last week.
      The sudden move is difficult to view on the video, but the video doesn’t show what the officers saw. I’m really surprised you wouldn’t recognize that if you knew what you were talking about.

      • Knights Hawk

        She had been joined by a male officer who was at ready to deploy the taser, she WAS the lethal cover.
        There were also many officers approaching.
        The problem was that she had “never been more afraid in her life”, as she stated. The woman over reacted. The man was not reaching for anything, he was not reaching into the vehicle, he dropped his arms a couple of inches. She fired not out of cause, but out of fear.

  • M. Joe Baker

    “Hmm, I wonder if he is on PCP”? How could she have come to that conclusion, especially since PCP has not been a major player in the drug scene since the 80’s! This folks is called a sub conscience narrative. They parade her in public, she tells this story and plants the idea of drugs use in everyone minds, then once in court it will be mysteriously revealed that PCP was present on the scene… When no matter what is present, the man was not being, acting or making any threatening motions nor was he in a position to make her “Fear for her life”. She shot and kills that man because she did not follow good gun safety and kept her finger on the trigger, only to have a knee jerk reaction after the other cop fired his taser. It’s called Sympathy Fire, she shot him because she heard the taser fire so she fired off a shot too…