The Lack of Legitimacy behind “Black Lives Matter” Protesters – David Webb

“Black Lives Matter” Protesters Interrupt Jeb Bush at Town Hall Event

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  • Lorri French

    I would like to see libtwit wit Leslie Marshal , take charge of a room … She had the nerve to talk down to Mr. Webb. She is taking up for of course the Protesters and slamming police officers !!!! The News anchor I an am not familiar with .. was it Julie ?? She was great stepping in to get her points across as was David Webb . They both won that debate over Leslie , and had something worthwhile to say . I always enjoy shows that David Webb is on .

  • Paula

    that liberal woman better get her facts straight there is more black on black and more whites are killed by cops. those are the facts that the government gives out

  • daroldstagner

    The whole thing is fake. It’s a well funded robo campaign. Why in the he!! is Fox legitimizing it with coverage.

    • They’re reporting it because it’s happening, I’m not certain why you feel they shouldn’t report the truth of what these people are doing by disrupting these speeches.

  • DatBus

    These ‘activists’ are idiots and don’t speak for my community.