The Clinton Stained Legacy Exposed – Michelle Malkin

“She (Hillary) is in deep deep doo-doo, and the Clinton people know it” says Michelle Malkin as she shares her take on the most recent evidence uncovered on the email scandal

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  • IhateLiberals

    The Democrats should be embarrassed that their leading candidate for President is under an active FBI investigation. But they are not – further proof they will vote in a potential criminal even though it violates standards of honesty and decency.

  • Mike Gable

    Soft, weak-kneed conservatives have encouraged the crude, brash lie culture of the Democrats. Shameless people are, by definition, not capable of being embarrassed enough to change their behavior, in fact they cling to it with more strength.

  • Larry A Singleton

    Oh Come ON!!! Can’t these idiots design a decent web page format???? Do they have that much contempt for their readers that they can’t go look at the finished product? I can’t enlarge the damn page in order to SEE it. Half the f-ing video is hidden. This is the goddamned norm on these websites.