Tantrums Over Trump Winning Election – David Webb vs. Danielle McLaughlin

Published On November 12, 2016 » 23792 Views» David Webb, Election 2016, Featured Patriots, Liberal Bias, Racism, Recent Post, Tea Party

Protesters Block Traffic, Burn American Flags in protest of Donald Trump winning the election.

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  • Timothy_Bair

    I was equally upset in ’92 when Bush 41 lost…odd we didn’t get together with anyone and commit seditious riot rebellion and insurrection

    The left had better grow up…or America will introduce them to adulthood the hard way

    • WHAT!?!? You don’t remember when those throngs of radical Mormons took to the streets in 2012 right after Romney lost? *smirk

  • Gary Iampaglia

    If I comment how I feel about what this “young lady” said, it would never get posted. Blaming President Trump? Can’t make this stuff up.

  • jay

    Americans showed in this election we are standing up and saying enough. Enough of all the stuff not just the election that the left is or has tried to shove down our throats. We have to stand up to them, we have to get vocal, we have to come out in force of the man we elected. We cannot allow them to interfere with a democratically elected president. We have had enough. Boycott any business that supports these protestors, whatever george soros owns , dont give him your business. We won but now the fight begins, in the political arena and when we see these protests we should call our leaders and demand justice, demand arrests for property damage., their actions will have consequences and we are the ones you would call out to tell them, we have had enough.

  • Coyote

    Democrats screwed this up, plain and simple.

  • Leslie Miller

    They don’t protest in comment sections because they are purely a name calling talking point so they RIOT in the streets.