Stuart Varney SCHOOLS Leftist Democrat Socialist on Economics

Published On July 14, 2016 » 1075 Views» Economy, Election 2016, Liberal Bias, Recent Post

Democrats Move Towards Socialism and even the leftists don’t have a grasp of the potential hazard this means to the economy.

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  • JohnG911

    Anyone who believes Obama saved our economy is a fool or an idiot..

    • ddanny1

      …who base their opinion on fact based “statistics” instead of listening to spokesmen who year in and year out are named in polls as belonging to the most dishonest profession in the country. (Politics.) But then again, when it comes to the most complicated threat ever to face mankind, they choose to believe America’s conscience liars over 97% of the most experienced, most educated, most well equipped experts in regard to climatology that have ever walked the face of the earth.
      Ironically, these same people are apt to tell others who use facts and the opinions of the greatest experts who have ever lived over the country’s greatest liars as “fools” and “idiots”.
      Tell me I’m wrong.