Steelers’ James Harrison Rejects Sons’ Trophies for “Participation” – David Webb

Published On August 18, 2015 » 3927 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, Human Interest, Recent Post, Sports

David Webb and Leslie Marshall debate the pros and cons of awarding kids trophies for just showing up to play.
Hosted by Martha MacCallum

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  • Joan Lee

    Good for that guy ! He is right ! that Leslie person…ugh.

  • John

    because libfuks want everybody to be the same.

  • John

    to quote vince lombardi, “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”.

  • Lorri French

    God Bless James Harrison, for being a great parent . Also God Bless David Webb, and Martha McCallum, For putting up with that libtwit Leslie Marshall. . Both David , and Martha, made excellent points winning that debate over Leslie.

  • CJOD

    Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for taking the OATH of office I think ppl have to EARN their Trophies