San Francisco Shooting Raising Concerns about “Sanctuary” Cities – Deneen Borelli

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Deadly San Francisco shooting sparks immigration debate between Deneen Borelli and Jehmu Greene

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  • NPDeeDee

    Jehmu Greene had a thought one time, but it was lonely and left.

  • Rat Bstard

    How many Americans need die to protect gardeners? I would deny the illegal alien gardener sanctuary in order to save innocent Americans. I resent the use of the term “undocumented Americans.”

    • ChocolateGirl2

      Exactly! I about jumped out of my chair when she called Illegal ALIENS ‘undocumented Americans’! Don’t be surprised if that’s the new progressive WORD for illegals!

  • sabine

    Jehmu, would you tell the parents of Kate that this was a isolated incident????????
    And maybe talk to other parents of loved ones killed by illegals? Come sit down with me and enlighten me. My only child is dead because of an illegal.

  • California_Mama_Bear

    Jehmu Greene is a partisan hack! My grandson was riding his bike to school ( when he was 11 ) and was hit by a car driven by a Spanish-speaking woman who spoke almost no English, and my step-daughter had her car totaled by a Hispanic man who could not speak English and had made an illegal turn at an intersection! Were they illegal aliens or legal aliens? – hard to determine; the woman who hit my grandson left the scene; fortunately, he was not badly hurt, just scrapes and bruises.

  • DonMann

    Jehmu is nothing but a foul mouth piece of the leftist slim. Undocumented Americans? They are NOT Americans at all. They are illegal alien trash!! This is NOT an isolated incident at all, just last year two LEO were shot and killed by and illegal alien. Over 5,000 American Citizens hie at the hand of this 3rd world trash, every year!!

  • James W.

    what is this undocumented american crap? they are illegal aliens or illegal immigrants. they are NOT americans