Republicans Waiting for Anti-Trump Candidate to Emerge – Cheri Jacobus

Published On December 4, 2015 » 3012 Views» Cheri Jacobus, Donald Trump, Election 2016, GOP Candidates, Media Patriots, Recent Post

A Recent Poll has Donald Trump Opening up a  20-Point Lead in GOP Race

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  • Pam Rugtiv

    Jacobus complains that Trump got 50 Million dollars worth of free media coverage.Does she really believe there is another candidate who would go UP in the polls with that much coverage?All those who had their chance, shriveled under the media spotlight. Trump only flourishes.

  • Cheri Jacobus is absolutely obsessed with Donald Trump Evidently she has nothing better to do since just a brief look at her twitter page shows hundreds of anti-Trump tweets each day. No kidding. Rapid fire too, like every few seconds.

    Check it out: