Religious Freedom and the Economy Debated on Fox News Sunday Panel

Religious Freedom Act Fallout in Indiana and the state of the Economy are debated on Fox News Sunday Panel

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  • Judefour

    Juan does err in regard to religious convictions and the existing laws of a country; we should obey God rather than man. A homosexual, or any other sinner, should not be refused food or covering, but trying to require that same service provider give an express endorsement of the sin, is quite another matter. Those who give esteem to their neighbor about sinning, do not truly love them, and are currently refusing to confess Jesus. The rich young ruler fell at Jesus feet and confessed that he was observing a great part of the moral law, but Jesus pointed out the one thing that he lacked, which was his coveting the things of this present world. The scripture plainly declares that Jesus “loved him” as he watched the ruler walk away sorrowful.

  • hildebeastC

    just because the gay mafia is loud and has a few businesses with money does not mean gov’s should retreat. THERE are many companies I don’t shop from because of their religious bigotry. GET the companies in your state that are not religious bigots. Don’t back down to the others.