Racial Divide Widens Under Obama Presidency – David Webb

Published On July 26, 2015 » 6024 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Racism, Recent Post, War on Cops

Recent Poll indicates that 60% Call Race Relations in U.S. ‘Generally Bad’

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  • La Lummus

    obama is like Hitler he is the first responsible for this gap….

  • Hannah

    I have never heard President Obama say anything to unite Americans. He demonizes the police, republicans and any who have a different viewpoint than his. He speaks for all the crimes committed against blacks doesn’t mention crimes against whites. His rhetoric has been the most divisive of any president in my lifetime. I do agree with David Webb that are many issues contributing to this, but as our first black president, I think Obama chose to divide rather than unite and I think many voted for him in the hopes that he would further unite us.

  • Mark Caldwell

    If you mention the brutal killing of whites in South Africa by blacks, or the Knockout game here in the US, they call you a Nazi or a racisssss. Black Panthers who call for deaths of whites are politically correct but not a white person who posts a pic on Facebook saying they’re ‘proud to be white’.

    Diversity will be the destruction of the US. Obama is already bringing in 100,000’s of Somali refugees, and other Arabs and Africans. Countless non English speaking, uneducated foreigners to help break the system(Cloward & Piven).

    The left helps bring in illegals, protects them with sanctuary cities and openly speak of eliminating the white majority of the US but I’m the evil guy for noticing it.