Proposed ATF Ammo Ban Debated by Katie Pavlich

Rand Paul Launches Campaign Against ATF “Green Tip” Bullet Ban

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  • Adam Thomas

    All “168 other bullets” will penetrated class 2a and 3a vest that law enforcement wears. It has nothing to do with composition but velocity in this case. There are 9mm rounds that will defeat 3a body armor and they are legal for all to buy.

    • David F. Podesta

      Czech 9mm submachine gun rounds turned IIIA vests into swiss cheese. The LEO version of the 5.7X28mm rounds will pierce IIIA vests at 200 yds. This M855 ban is total BS.

  • J.r. Radcliffe

    Katie, You completely dominated Mary Anne Marsh.. Thank you for knowing your stuff.