President Obama to Dive Into The Anti-Donald Trump Campaign – David Webb

Published On May 18, 2016 » 5913 Views» David Webb, Election 2016, Featured Patriots, Recent Post

President Obama Plans to Label Trump as Unfit for the Presidency

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  • Sharon Barrett

    Obama should stay the hell out of it if Hillary wants any chance at all/. People are not happy with Obama.

    • tkedo

      NOR ARE THEY HAPPY WITH CLINTON! Voting for her is voting for Obama! NO THANK YOU! Donald Trump all the way to The White House! He will clean up Washington!

  • Jeanette Davis

    This is why Obama is going to join.
    We need congress to get off their backsides and fight for us who pay their paycheck!

  • Jeanette Davis

    Trump will mop the floor with Hillary!

  • tkedo

    The only UNFIT PRESIDENT IS YOU OBAMA! You are scum and have turned your backs on LEGAL AMERICANS who pay your wages! YOU DISGUST AMERICA!

  • alumin

    The more BO says against Trump, the better he will do. They just don’t get it!