Power Panel on TX GOP Debate – Ben Shapiro

Published On February 25, 2016 » 9991 Views» Donald Trump, Election 2016, Featured Video, GOP Candidates, Immigration, Marco Rubio, Recent Post, Ted Cruz

Pundits React to Houston GOP Debate

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  • jhopkins678

    Ben Shapiro got scared of a tranny and pressed charges LOL.

    • Sexual ambiguity is creepy. Shapiro is a good man.

      • jhopkins678

        You are physically scared of trannys? no wonder you are a Shapiro supporter.

        • David Andrus

          That tranny was twice his size. Basically a man in a dress.

        • I am 5″10″ 200 pounds. I had 6 amateur fights. I spared with 2 world champions, after they lost their belts. And there are transvestites who could kick my ass. I live in reality. PD will tell you Transvestites get into all kinds of drama. Ben told the guy what he did not want to hear and his reaction was to physically threaten him. When you call out leftist and cultural delusion they try to get you fired or physically threaten you. Ben is a good man.