POTUS Uses N-Word in New Podcast While Discussing Racism – David Webb

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, President Obama  uses the N-Word while describing racism in the U.S.

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  • James Jackson

    people are just too damn sensitive anymore!!!!!!

    • Johnny Christensen

      All a part of their plan !

  • nelly0042

    While racism might not have been nor might never be completely erased, it had certainly dramatically lessened prior to Mr. Obama’s presidency. Like picking at a wound that was well on its way to being healed, this administration has invigorated racist tensions to a level that that I have not seen in my adult life. Sadly, if Obama had a son, he would behave like Dylann Roof, eager to provoke a race war.

    • Jim Horstman

      Well said, very well

  • Saba Mendez

    Mr. Webb you are spot on. sir

  • Ipmc Moose

    Obama is the biggest racist in America.

  • Mary Lou Barnwell


  • Wyatt

    He is soooooo non Presidential because he isn’t.

  • James


    (Time is running

    There is nothing in this country the government will not
    give away!

    The main point is this. Our president is a socialist muslim
    and a good part of our government are muslims. Their intent is to bring the USA
    down dividing the country along racial lines and destroying the economy. All that is required is enough strife and law
    lessness in the country and there will be excuse to declare marshal law.

    (Notice to all countries) We have been infiltrated and the takeover
    in our country is imminent.

    No visas for Christian immigrants in muslim countries
    because they are Christians. (Muslim immigrants accepted).

    The destruction of Israel as a nation making it totally

    There is a RFID chip in your future so government can track
    and control you.

    Persecution of Christians and the Christian military
    personal that exhibit and practice their faith.

    Perversion is readily acceptable and practiced while being
    forced into the military by government.

    Division of the country along racial lines (Divided and
    Conquer). Open borders.

    Total disarmament of the people is being pushed politically
    from the president’s office down.

    ISLAM, GOVERNMENT and the socialistic UN and NWO.

    War and the failure of our economy guarantees (EVERYONE)
    will be affected. No escape and nowhere
    to run.

    A radical socialistic UN and a bought and paid for Republican
    and democratic government (Rep. and Dems) want to import muslim people from
    Syria and other failed muslim countries (to the USA) by the Hundreds of
    Thousands. Open borders divide the country racially. They will slander anyone
    who disagrees with their agenda and I disagree. Furthermore I am saying enough
    is enough.

    It is past time to stand up as an Americans (UNITED) and ORGANIZED
    and put government in its proper CONSTITUTIONAL rightful place. NO MORE LAW
    LESSness. Freedom is not free and if the people fail to protect their God given
    rights they will have no more rights.

    If I had my way I would tell the UN to go to hell. It is the
    UN forcing these immigration issues in America through our treasonous government.
    Who are your representatives working for?
    (You or the UN)?

    Then I would round up
    every one of these Dems who are forcing this invasion on the American people
    and demand they are tried for treason. Those who were not convicted I would
    send to Syria or some other failed muslim hole. Let us see how long before the
    muslims remove their heads.


    I do not promote
    Islam in any country and for sure not in my own country where islams only
    concern has been to corrupt the system with more (TERROR) like sharia law and
    their barbaric RELIGION and political principles.

    You better wake up people this is nothing less than an
    invasion with the intent of destroying the country, (USA) the Christians, Jews
    and your way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO using Islam in the
    process of producing a world socialistic caliphate. .

    You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape
    your wife or daughter, just ignore these warnings and do nothing.

    Keep your guns, stock
    up on ammo and pray while growing in faith.
    If you do not have guns then buy one and get plenty of ammo with it. The
    first step to bringing down a country is to disarm as many of its people as
    possible. Unarmed people are helpless to stand against tyranny.


    Country these people have come into, (our) country and other
    countries are now being forced to accept duel government with islam and sharia
    law dividing the countries they immigrate into.
    Their intent to the host country is for the host country to support
    them. They do not assimilate into the countries they migrate into but settle
    separately often taking up to four wives. They procreate like rabbits letting
    the welfare systems take care of them. When they become strong enough
    demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand the countries
    adopt their life style and laws. Always the intent has been to divide and

    THIS stinks to hi heaven, AND I SAY ENOUGH. PAST TIME TO

    A muslim president and government are not acceptable or
    compatible in a Constitutional republic or democratic society. Muslim will not
    accept Constitutional law, as muslims they considering themselves
    to be above it.

    Your law and you yourselves are considered inferior and
    therefore you are to be subjugated as a slave or killed. (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS

    I am a Christian and if this government thinks I will set
    quietly by and let them destroy my country and eventually destroy my family and
    myself I say NO!

    (ENOUGH) I am going to say lock and load America.

    I am not and animal and I am not going to be slaughtered
    like and animal or forced to accept islam or pay as a slave to live in my
    country. Nor am I going to set ideally and do nothing while my family is set up
    for this satanic system.

    Americans for Americans.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Ed Tashjian

      I believe you are right on.

  • LockJL

    David Webb is absolutely correct in pointing out that institutional racism is a thing of the past….an unfortunate reality for those who want to continue pushing a narrative that depends on state sanctioned racism. Institutional racism requires a code of laws while individuals can be racist just from free will… from ideology and lifestyle.

  • Ray Felitto

    Obama is a divider with a huge black chip on his shoulder. His use of the N word was totally inappropriate. His racist attitude has reawakened the entire civil rights issue which we settled in the 60’s and 70’s. And why the liberal left and the media plays along is a travesty.

    • Ed Tashjian


  • Lorri French

    Another Excellent debate with David Webb . Thank you for posting . I can see the clips when he sits in for Hannity .