Peggy Hubbard’s Video Rant Against ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement Debated – David Webb

Published On August 25, 2015 » 8716 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Racism, Recent Post, War on Cops

Grandmother Says Black Lives Matter Anger
is Misdirected in Viral Video

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  • Joan Lee

    Huffington Post…. blogger. LOLOLOL. What a flaming maroon she is. David Webb is awesome.

  • Paula

    this woman is an ass she has blacks telling her the truth and she just does not get the truth

    • Lee A Maust Sr

      The truth Paula, is more often than not, an impediment to the Progressive ideology.

    • Christine Pierson

      Yep, she lives in the hills where she never see’s poverty, so she attacks the messenger.

  • John

    black wives fatter

    • Pecan QT314

      excuse you? Get a life!

      • John

        eat shit ho.

  • John

    libtards suck!!!

  • Lee A Maust Sr

    Amazing dichotomy. While black people like Peggy Hubbard, Dr. Ben Carson and David Webb point to the root causes of the dysfunction and destruction within their community, then propose proven internal solutions to them, white Progressive Leslie Marshall denigrates the messenger, blames whites for not doing more, and proposes more government interference, which for decades has done nothing but exacerbate the problems. Unfortunately, the Progressives have been put in control of the vast majority of the black communities. “Physician heal thyself” indeed!

    • Smart Observation, Lee 🙂

      • Lee A Maust Sr

        Intuitively obvious to the most casual observer Steven……. unless blinded by the constant cudgeling of ideological zeal. 😉

    • Christine Pierson

      It’s called modern day slavery.

      • Lee A Maust Sr

        At least political slavery on a massive scale.

  • Hugie59 PA

    22 trilion dollars to the LBJ’s “War On Poverty” and she says Blacks are being ignore. Give us a break Leslie! You are blind to the reality.

  • ronigee dawg

    “she has a point … BUT … ” you know what … who the f* CARES what you think of how she does it you worthless PoS??? Does this MORON ever look at the crap that spews forth on her crap website??? You give all THOSE clowns crap for THEIR language?

    Then … later on this idiot rants on about how it doesn’t have “politicians” attention … is she nuts? what universe does THIS idiot live in??? Hey moron … YOU are the scum that won’t fix things … your party makes money by NOT fixing them … so really just stfu.

    Great job of tearing that idiot apart David!

  • sassyj

    Only Leslie Marshall can be such a bitch, only a liberal progressive dolt would believe her. May I suggest that Ms Marshall put her ass where her mouth is: go live in and walk the streets of a poor black community. Whoops she won’t do that unless she has bodyguards and guns to protect her hypocritical ass.

    • Diane Richardson

      Omg! Liberals/Conservatives it not about political choices. It’s about Peggy Hubbard taking a stand and stating the truth. People listen to yourselves. Now the insults are whether you’re a Reb/Dem. Give it up already. Let’s start a movement for Liberals Matter & Conservatives Matter. lmao

    • Debbie Minshew

      You can go take a look at the poor white community. There are always two sides to every story. Whoops maybe you would not live in a white community there might be some illegal guns there or drugs.

      • Debbie Minshew

        The lady with the dark hair in the video is crazy. Responsibility starts at home not in the government they haven’t solved nothing.

        • Debbie Minshew

          Leslie Marshall has her nose stuck to far up political butts.

  • Diane Richardson

    You should have had your story straight before you opened your mouth Leslie. Peggy Hubbard apologized for swearing. Thank you David for not shooting the messenger. For understanding the point Peggy was making.