Officer Casebolt’s Reacations During Attempted Arrest Debated – David Webb

The Debate continues on Officer Casebolt’s reactions to being surrounded by agitated youth during his attempted arrest at the McKinney Texas, Pool Party Incident

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  • H. Zayre

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    • Saba Mendez

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  • Jim Maerk

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  • Patriot American

    Kids can Kill you idiot, Most black murders are kids. If you had some education you would know how to answer a simple question.

  • Patriot American

    This video is proof that people make a choice of what path to take in life and color has nothing to do with it. You have two black men around the same age, one is smart calm and intelligent, the other is dumb irate and stupid.

  • MaryKBachman

    Love David Webb. He brings clarity and such common sense to all discussions.

  • Dan Barrett

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    • rhh33672

      I think he do.

      • Dan Barrett

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  • Saba Mendez

    David Webb, puts them (morons) all to shame every time.

  • rhh33672

    Funny how blacks representative always like to say “first of all” during a discussion like they have a lot of point. But they never reach a second point. This guy is just a ghetto thug that got old, but never grew up.

  • rhh33672

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  • Free GZ

    To anyone who thinks that the cop was out of line, consider the following:

    How many juvenile detention centers across America have people under the age of 18 incarcerated for murder, homicide, attempted murder, and/or murder? Should juveniles be granted some special immunity from the law strictly because of their age?

    To think that just because this girl was 14 years old she shouldn’t be “slammed” to the ground (although I saw the video and I wouldn’t classify that as being “slammed” to the ground) after repeated warnings and commands by a law enforcement officer is simply absurd. Had an adult behaved that same way, the same actions would have been taken to regain control of the situation and then further the investigation.

    As for the cop pulling his weapon: Again, take into consideration that had he been dealing with adults, the exact same measures probably would have been taken. The officer has the duty to 1) maintain order 2) enforce the law 3) insure his own preservation. In the video I saw, he did all 3 adequately and without going overboard.

    Lastly, I would think that dealing with juveniles is an even more dangerous situation for the police as juveniles (in general) do not posses the same rational decision making abilities that most adults have. As such, they are even more likely to make even worse decisions, pull stunts, and be even more hostile toward authority figures.

    No. The cop was completely justified in his actions.

  • hildebeastC

    I think people wearing shades are shady. Scarred for life on the good ship Jesus. WHAT is that man saying???

  • Lorri French

    Way to go Thank you David Webb , You were the voice of reason while the other guest was a pompous Twit.