NH Voters Back Temporary Immigration Ban

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Rest of GOP Field Needs to Figure Out How to Slow Down Trump Momentum Heading into South Carolina Primary

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  • Dave Koch

    Trump’s popularity should be viewed as a symptom of a chronic and catastrophic disease that has infected the Republican Party.

  • Lee A Maust Sr

    Well, now we know that Trump supporters WILL show up at the polls and the best any of the “establishment” (Kasich, who shot his entire wad) could do was 16%. The, just barely double digit, jumble after that was led by Cruz, who spent the least money and time, followed by Bush, who spent 10’s of $millions. With the make-up of the SC GOP, Trump’s momentum and Cruz’s support among Evangelicals, the race has a strong chance of again devolving into a two way. Sure ain’t your Grandpappy’s GOP Primary race. 😉