New Gun Control Debate Continues – Dana Loesch

Published On August 27, 2015 » 12145 Views» 2nd Amendment, Dana Loesch, Featured Patriots, Recent Post

Dana Loesch and Nomiki Konst lock horns in a heated Gun Control Debate in the Aftermath of News Crew Shooting in Virginia

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  • John Reese

    DC, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC. They all have 2 things in common: High murder and crime rates. The strictest gun laws in the country. Nomiki knows this, she just doesn’t want to agree with it.

  • problem is when someone can’t pass a background check they just go to a back alley and get a gun from another criminal… that’s why background checks are a total waste of money and a complete misdirection of limited police resources.

  • MechMan

    So one thing I have been trying to research but having some trouble on, which seems to be Nomiki’s misconception is there is a difference between gun deaths and gun murder rates. A state can have a higher overall gun death rate due to a combination of gun murder, accidents, suicides, and justifiable homicides, yet have a lower gun murder rate than a state that has fewer gun deaths but a higher gun murder rate.

    States with higher levels of gun ownership and more lax gun control laws will tend to have more justifiable homicides, more gun accidents due to higher gun ownership, and more suicides that happen to be committed with guns. But it doesn’t mean that their gun murder rate will be higher. This leads to the misconception that higher gun ownership levels, lax gun control laws, and higher gun death rates, means gun control works, when it doesn’t, because the statistic to look at is gun murders, not suicides, accidents, and justifiable homicide.

    Is this a correct observation?

  • John Barbour

    This is what you get when you have three divas in the same room arguing over an issue. Good thing they didn’t have guns.

  • Dovette

    Who’s idea is it to have two women shrieking like bitches at each other on a “news” show. It gives me a headache.

  • Dovette

    Who’s idea is it to have two women shrieking like bitches at each other on a “news” show? It gives me a headache.

  • thinkuno1

    Background checks, mental health, blah, blah, blah! The president, his administration, and the Demoncratic Party have done nothing (and Repubicans watched) but DESTROY the sacredness of this society and the sacredness of each human being! Look we sit here and quarrel over who lives matter and we can’t say ALL LIVES MATTER?! I call BS! All lives have meaning, a soul, a destiny to fulfill by our creator and when you secularize, pluralize, privatize THERE YOU WILL FIND NO MORALS, no shame, there are no boundaries. There are self evident truths endowed by our creator and you can no take that away.

  • mintoreo

    Did… she really just argue for GUN REGISTRATION? That’s the first step in disarmament. ~_~

  • Trump for President

  • Ted Hartley

    If they can’t get them legally then they will get them illegally.