Muslims Launch Outreach Campaign – Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Published On December 22, 2015 » 2952 Views» Domestic Terrorism, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Media Patriots, Radical Islam, Recent Post

A group of Muslim Imams say they have to do a better job of keeping their flock from becoming radical members of Islam

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  • sheikyermami

    Muslims are victims of Islam & Muslims? That stinks. When they condemn terrorism they mean resistance to Islam. that’s right: any opposition to the Islamic expansion program is terrorism for these fanatics. This guy is “very proud” of it, and it means he is proud to kill and die for Allah, because that’s what Islam demands. No Christian or Jew runs around and kills in the name of their GOD. Muslims do. We don’t want these people. Round them up and ship them out and back to the desert they came from.