Muslim Suspended for Refusing to Serve Alcohol

Published On September 7, 2015 » 4523 Views» Recent Post

A Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended by ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol in accordance with her Islamic faith

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  • ThinkBig

    Really idiotic argument. so her point is there should be adjustment that alcohol can be served by another attendant. its don’t work in my case. Ex if she is the only 1 flight attendant in a small flight the customer can’t be served what he paid for? 2. what if all the attendants are Muslims then what? Basically, this says muslim gets special privileges that no other gets?

    • Apparently she was serving alcohol up until about 6 months ago, and then realized this was against the teachings of her faith, so that’s when she contacted HR and informed them of her situation. She was obviously well aware of how this would affect her ability to perform the tasks required in the job description of her position, so this was of no surprise. Requesting a day off once in awhile to observe faith based holidays is one thing, but what’s going on here is a whole different level.
      I think people need to make up their mind what takes priority in their life, their job or their faith. In some cases (many lately) this seems to have become a bigger issue than what was normally taking place in the past.

      • ThinkBig

        it more of Islamic system called dimmitude than what she and her lawyer is claiming.

        • She’s 40 years old and worked for the airlines for a number of years. She knows exactly what she’s doing. I find it difficult to believe this all of a sudden happened out of nowhere. This is yet another example of someone trying to see just how far they can push their agenda against a private business in order to make themselves relevant.
          If the requirements of a job are in direct conflict of your ability to maintain your faith belief, then it’s time to find another line of work, it’s that simple. I’m not certain why this is so difficult for people to grasp.

          • ThinkBig

            your are confused like many others because you see her as the cause. Root cause is Islam and she(or any other Islamist) is only a symptom. Islam demands it’s followers to behave differently based on its % or stage. When % is less Islam advocates to make no demands with majority and be in partnership with-it it’s called stage#1(al darul ahad). When % reaches beyond certain threshold then it demands to make problems, trouble, terrorize for reason or no reason , it called stage #2 (al darul harab). And last one is stage #3 to restore house of Islam called al darul Islam. When people are afraid, terrorized they win without any battle .

            • For the record, I’m NOT confused by anything that you’ve pointed out.
              She wasn’t born Muslim, she converted a few years back, so it’s not like she’s had this simmering inside of her throughout her entire life. She’s obviously been informed (after the fact) by others who may actually maintain the agenda you’ve described, that serving alcohol was against her faith and she needed to refrain from doing so.
              With everything that’s happened over the past few decades in the name of Allah, I’m not exactly sure why any rational thinking human being would wish to convert to a faith that has attached itself to so much terrorized death throughout the world.
              It’s not a long stretch to connect the dots that this woman could easily have been marked as a pawn to further the agenda, but then again, it also might be just as easily explained that she’s just trying to keep her job intact without being forced to serve alcohol.
              Either way, I still maintain my position I stated earlier. If you can’t perform the job requirements due to your faith, it’s time to find another job.

    • Americanpatriot2014

      why should she expect another FA to do HER job? I had a neck injury and the dr said maybe I could get my co-workers to do some of my job……REALLY?????? She knows what the job entails, if she doesn’t want to do it — FIND ANOTHER JOB you can’t expect others to pick up your slack

  • CrispusA

    She converted a while ago, and she recently found out about alcohol? She sounds pretty ignorant.

  • Todd

    That would be like me going to work and expecting a paycheck while also expecting other people to perform the tasks I’m responsible for in my job description. As soon as someone complains that they are doing my work, and I’m not performing any other special tasks to make up for it, I will sue the company, and complain that my beliefs are being violated?? I have a strong belief we should get a 3 day weekend, but I’m not going to the EEOC. This is a joke. If you can’t perform the tasks required by your employer then they have every right to suspend or terminate or your employment. You aren’t special.

  • Conrad Vargas

    If she had been a Christian all media outlets would be in an uproar… but notice how CNN is trying to be fair because she’s a Muslim. Her lawyers excuses are ridiculous.

    • DatBus

      Her lawyer works for CAIR, an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Why doesn’t CNN point THAT out?

      • Conrad Vargas

        Because CNN has a history of being neutral to everyone else but let it be a Christian they then become hostile toward that person.

  • DatBus

    This is the United States of America. If your “faith” prohibits you from serving alcohol you have no business in that job. Judges better get this right or they are creating a nightmare for generations to come. Islamism will seek to impose itself into every area of American life and trust – it will be a problem.

  • Americanpatriot2014

    don’t forget that Islam is 100% a way of life…………..they will keep chipping away at our laws and traditions until they are so non-existent and America becomes a MUSLIM COUNTRY — thank you community organizer — and welcome to Barackistan

  • Americanpatriot2014


  • Edward Reyes

    .now why would you try to apply for a job that you know full well serves alcohol…and you islamic scums get mad and would start calling people islamophobe when you animals are creating problem for everybody…..99.9 % of you people come here in a begging visa,like Refugee or political status… We feed you stupid ass, fix you when your sick, educate you and your children ,and you monkeys have the audacity to turn around and try to make this country bow down to your religion ???


  • Teresina Brisciana

    Bullsh*t! Another Muslim DEMAND that is unsuitable in an enlightened and free society. To hell with her and here demands, fire her ass together with Kim Davis. Same mentality, same excuse, same BS!