Morning Joe Calls Out WAPO & NYT For Cheerleading NOT Reporting

Published On November 10, 2016 » 15562 Views» 1st Amendment, Election 2016, Featured Video, Liberal Bias, Recent Post

EPIC: Joe Scarborough delivers a scathing commentary on how the media needs to wake up and do their job properly!

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  • Kathy

    I watched the election returns not to see who won, but because the news media was so shocked and sad and in disbelief that they were so wrong.

  • RightsaidFred2

    The best thing about this election was not Hillary’s defeat, but the huge loss suffered by the leftist media in the USA and even around the world. It was so rewarding to see CNN and the New York Times walking around the next day with their tails between their legs!!! Babooom!!!

  • Albert Farnsworth

    I don’t have cable, so I flipped back and forth between CBS, NBC, and ABC. They refused to call it until President Trump started his victory speech. They kept butting in while he was speaking (which is probably a sign of things to come). They even refused to confirm Hillary’s concession phone call as VP Pence was introducing President Trump. At one point, before the speech, Chuck Todd said that he thought Hillary could possibly take 55 of the last 58 electoral colleges to win! Hahaha! Oh, and by the way, I kinda enjoy saying President Trump and VP Pence.

    • Keith

      Interesting “They kept butting in while he was speaking (which is probably a sign of things to come).”