Minister Johnathan Gentry: “I want to apologize to America for our behavior”

Published On August 16, 2014 » 67266 Views» New Face Of Conservatism, Racism, Recent Post, War on Cops

EPIC RANT: Minister Johnathan Gentry joins Fox & Friends Weekend to make a passionate plea to the black citizens of Ferguson to change their behavior now!

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  • Bishop Tommy Haygood

    It has to be made clear that the business owners and the comminity are not the ones that need to be punished or violated because of this horrible act carried out by the police officer!!!! Church and Comminity organizations must come together and restore peace and order to the streets to all chidlren and young people can feel safe to walk the streets again. I am praying for justice and even more so I am praying for peace, Bishop T

    • Mo’Ne

      Why is it all the police officers fault? Why does this have to be about race? If a white man robbed a store then tried to grab an officers gun, it wouldn’t even be on the news and the people that knew about it would say good for him. Why is this different?

      • Carolyn Owuor

        Well if it happened that way, maybe! But supposedly it didn’t happen that way. The police say they didn’t know about the robbery. They just stopped them because they were walking in the streets (which is a custom in some southern states) … and now he is dead. Question is did he have his hands up or was fired upon out of disregard for his civil rights? Their are witnesses that support both in opposition to the officer.

        • Deborah from the Bible

          It has been refuted that Mr. Brown was attempting to reach for the cop’s gun. In addition, I saw the press conference where the police chief confirmed the cop was not aware of the ALLEGED shoplifting by Brown. So, what remains is murder-by-cop.

  • Rational Thought

    This guy won’t go there. He’s a clown trying to capitalize on this tragedy by licking the boots of folks that don’t want to acknowledge the disparity by which minorities are treated by law enforcement.

  • Michael Jackson

    I am a black man, clergy, in America .
    I understand a part of his rant but he does not speak for Black America, he does not speak for black men…
    he is not a Pastor, or a leader…He is a clown. He is a court jester, an uneducated idiot….Leave it to Fox (faux) News to find such an asinine, feeble-minded, embicile….


    • You got that right.

    • Dave Paul

      If you represent the clergy of the True Living God, you need to go back and read your bible. According to Gods word you have murdered this man in your heart.

      “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment.’ But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire. (Matthew 5:21-22)

      When are we going to learn there are only two races in the world? Those who are saved from the coming wrath of God and those who are not.

    • Gail

      Look MJ. Jonathan Gentry is not a clown. You and the Jessie Jacksons & the Al Sharptons need to bring the same message. The shooting of Mr. Brown appears criminal. Yet, that is no excuse for all the ugly behavior of Black peoplek. You haven’t noticed how united Black people are when they perceive any threat coming from outside their community. Black’s should have the same energy and passion to fight the problems that plague the Black community

    • Michael Jackson is not a black man he died a rich white man why is this guy trying to troll

  • Davan Mani

    Does he belong?

  • stanel

    This guy is no different than sharpton, Oprah or Jackson. He speaks for no black not even himself. He addresses the family members in Ferguson for peacefully protesting but doesn’t address the continued excessive force used on the protesters including the Harvard student shot in the head by a cop in a botched drive by/execution attempt. He is a breathing puppet that mouths the words of his puppeteer.

  • This guy is an uneducated fool. He reinforces the false notion that all folks are poor, live in ghettos and created their own problem. While I agree burning down one’s backyard is stupid those are looters try to profit not the general population. He also overlooks the fact you could be in any neighborhood, educated, wearing a suit, completely minding your own business and get arrested, assaulted, harassed or killed simply for walking while black. The point here is that police officers whom have the function to “protect and serve” now “abuse and lie.” So asking why don’t blacks protest about black on black crime is disingenuous because 1.) They do. 2.) A criminal is breaking the law and therefore unfortunately performing their normal behavior and Police officer is supposed to UPHOLD the law so when they get out of pocket by acting like criminals is MUCH worse because they hide behind badges and are worse than criminals because they are not held accountable.

    It’s a meltdown in that city over the abuse and the tipping point of people having enough of folks being killed by police and them getting away with it.This guy just wants to promote himself. He’s not smart enough to represent black folks. He’s a jester without all the info who wants to be an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. And to be clear I don’t like them either as they are opportunists that are more like car salesman now. Granted it’s easily to frame Ferguson as a thug so a more admirable victim could have been chosen but it seems the temperament of people in those other circles aren’t as willing to unleash their anger. This comic is acting like incidents of innocent upstanding citizens with ZERO run ins with the law don’t get shot and killed

    This is just a clown giving Fox what they want which is why he’s on that show. Because it feeds the narrative to divide and conquer. This mentality is going to bleed into white communities and when it does by then it will be too late to protest. These “militarized police” are just practicing in the hood.

    Let me ask this: since when did the Police need to roll out MILITARY tech and come in like soldiers? This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s the USA. Even veterans are saying the cops are just wannabes. WHAT cop needs to sport military green fatigues and a military grade assault rifle for crowd control?!!

  • An honest black man… how refreshing…

    • Linda Sterling

      Oh yes I’m sure his honesty is refreshing to you. Well…let us examine that. What you really mean is that he thinks like you. But it’s more than just a similar outlook. What endears him to you is not just that he is a black man who criticizes blacks. He does it in a ridiculing and insulting way with liberal negative, stereotyped phrases and behaviors that appeal to you. Doubtless you are equally refreshed by Herman Caine, Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Ben Carson

  • Fair?

  • Husani

    Fox News always look for and find those that are extremely FATUOUS!

  • ansar el muhammad

    from what i seen he just bumpin his gums just like the rest of them,it looks like he just tryin to get on…..the wagon wit jess and them…not once did i hear him say any thing about a solution to the problem we face, all i hear was him saying he was sorry, white folks know that already… be something else…..the so-call american negro is just doing what they been doing……using a fucked up situation to our advantage,we took the worst of the swine and and weeds and made meal out of it… they call it greens and hog mas….we have been given a solution but we are a stiff neck and rebellious people. and will have to wait until prophecy is fulfilled…..

  • bob clarence

    Really? For one the guys name is not furgerson its Michael brown. And why is it the cop is automatically wrong? Why is this guy a fool? Because he speaks the truth? Since when did a cop shot a totally innocent black man for no reason? You act as if that’s what cops do, just go looking to shot black people for target practice. This guy is right, stop looking for someone to blame for your laziness. Do something positive or wait, you can’t because white people are holding you down right? I know there are incidents that occur when cops make mistakes and shot or arrest a totally innocent person (of all races), but they need to react in a split second and sometimes it was the wrong decision. Don’t worth just like treyvons parents, Browns family will be compensated very well.
    Again stop looking for someone to blame. The black community gets a lot of opportunities such as free school, food, housing etc… And what do they do? Nothing. I wish I had those freebies and no college loans.

  • bob clarence

    And the same people that font like this guy I bet don’t like Bill Cosby either. Anytime a black man speakers against the actions of black people he gets criticized. Deal with black on black crimes first. That’s a bigger issue and more black people get killed every year by there own race. But that’s not an issue I guess. Why? Because no media coverage? No reason to loot?

  • Neal Donnell stephens

    weather you like the way this man is putting it out or not, he is mostly right!! Its a proven fact that rioting, looting,and the destruction of our own,will not get anything done. Nor bring a just resolve. But it will get more black people killed and or locked up.The truth is that we(black men ) are killing 100 times more black men then the police is. We as black people do need to police our own first, we do need to say something in our own communities, we do need to hold each other accountable for what we do and don’t do.we don’t want to here what the man is saying because he is offering no excuses. i dont want america to think that the actions of these people, black people is the sum total of the us as a people.

  • lou

    IWoulsad very sad it has to come to this. Unfortunately people seek to blame issues on racism and they want to make everything about it. The fact is Caucasians are the minority, white kids are shot too by black Americans too but we don’t blame it on being racist. It is what it is. God forbid I dislike someone for how they act or carry themselves, people want to pin that on racism too when in fact asian, white, black or Spanish yiu might be a rude person, tacky, irresponsible and have a bad attitude people dislike and that’s it. God forbid there ever came to be an Ivory magazine or a WET network. It would be nice to just be upset and mourn instead of wanting to use the racism card again and again. So I wish we Would address the real issue and allow people to move on in a safe peaceful environment.

  • Jon

    A white racist. How typical.

    • GM

      How about taking accountability instead of “white racist” “white racist” who even says he or she is even white? You just assume that to be the case. Your ignorance clouds your mind, smh, how typical.

  • Cmon

    Its absolutely pathetic, I’m from Indiana and as a white person I feel like the most hated, sometimes persecuted race on the planet, along with the Jews. Everyone hates us, we are blamed for everything. How bout this, I got arrested, first offense, 100% cooperative. Did I get off… no. 180 days in jail, kept my felony and the kid I was with, resisted and got his ass beat! Also white, he wasn’t going for anyones gun, but if he did I can guarantee your ass he would have been shot!! Simply put, at least where I am from, if a white and black are identical, grades, athletic ability, plays by the rules. He has 10 times the opportunity I have, it’s simple fact. Look at this guy, he’s garbage, I don’t care if the cops knew about the robbery or not, he’s clearly garbage. What about the other photos of him, pointing his gun, holding a wad full of… who knows, drug money, robbery money which clearly he has no problem with that. Honestly black people, what would MLK think about this if he were still alive, he’d vomit. Shit, Sharpeton was busted for a cocaine deal with an under cover agent. Am I blaming anyone for my felony and drug time… 1st ever offense… college educated. I am fucked. No ones fault but my own. Take some responsibility for yourselves. GD I am so sick of it

  • Kathryn Stevenson

    Rev. Jonathan Gentry is a wise man! I admire him so much for telling it like it is. The Black Community truly does need to change! The reason that the Whites don’t respect many of them is because they are behaving in a manner that shows they do not even respect themselves. Change IS needed!
    1. Stay in school and get a good education.
    2. Aim for college or a good vocational school. Yes, there are MANY scholarships and work programs available!
    3. Stay out of gangs.
    4. Don’t do drugs or sell drugs!
    5. Obey the law!
    6. Don’t hang around with people who break the law!
    7. If a cop stops you, obey him! If you don’t (no matter WHAT color you are!) you are either going to jail or going out in a body bag!
    8. Learn to speak correctly. How can you expect to get a job if you are talking “gangster talk?”
    9. Take responsibility! The odds may seem insurmountable at times, but you CAN make it out.
    10. Find a good mentor.
    11. Stop having children with different fathers when you can’t even support the children you have.

  • Barbara Troy Spinelli

    Preacher Gentry is truly a Man of God he does NOT PREACH RIOTING LOOTING and all the rest like Sharpton (who in my mind is working for Satan a piece of garbage) I applaud him and would like to see EVERY PRACHER OF GOD STAND UP FOR WEHAT IS RIGHT NOT WHAT IS POPULAR