Michelle Obama Focuses on Race Perceptions in Graduation Speech – Deneen Borelli

Published On May 11, 2015 » 2495 Views» Deneen Borelli, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Racism, Recent Post

Analyzing the differences between Michelle Obama’s and Denzel Washington’s college commencement speeches

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  • Lorri French

    Oh my word . What a horrible Example to have the position of First Lady . God Bless Denzel Washington . He is a good mentor and example to our youth. Great Job as always by Deneen Borelli . As always Not impressed with Richard Leftwing Fowler trying to spin the horrible race baiting speech by Mrs. O .

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  • JOE

    ‘Absolutely no reason’. hmmmm…

  • JOE

    ‘Absolutely no reason’. hmmmm… I believe the First Lady is life long spoiled and is kissing up.