Michelle Malkin: “It is about time they (MSM) be called out”

“I’m reveling in all of the tears that we’re seeing from the buttercups and the snowflakes who are in full meltdown in the elite MSM” says Michelle Malkin as she joins Sean Hannity to promote her new series on CRTV, ‘Michelle Malkin Investigates”

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  • pjh

    Great conversation. CNN needs to be held accountable for their actions. Not sure if that is a permanent tatoo Michelle is sporting.

  • ZombieReady

    Let them throw their tantrums. Set back and enjoy the fruits of victory. If their tantrums become violent, and move into the suburbs from their leftist safe spaces, otherwise known as college campuses and inner cities, then we will get a chance to use all the guns and ammo we have been accumulating the last 8 years.


    I’m glad the Democrats got a taste of their own medicine!.. Lying and using deception to trick the American people into wars and conflicts around the globe, false flags attacks against innocent civilians for years finally backfired…Americans wants to live in peace, tranquility and prosperity!

    • Carla G

      Gee, let’s see who it was that said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction…Could it have been George W Bush? Yeah, I think so. And it cost us trillions. So get your parties straight.