Michelle Malkin: I believe Paul Ryan is a crapweasel

Published On December 6, 2016 » 62507 Views» Donald Trump, Featured Patriots, Michelle Malkin, Recent Post, War on Trump

“I believe that this current GOP so-called leadership is going to pose even more headaches and will be a bigger threat to Donald Trump and his American Sovereignty agenda than the outright liberals will be” says CRTV’s Michelle Malkin to FBN’s Lou Dobbs as she discusses the major hurdles Donald Trump will face going forward.

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  • It’s complicated

    Paul Ryan is a turd. Never ever trust him!!!

  • NewWest 123

    Paul Ryan is attached at the hip to John Boehner!

  • MarinLocal

    Ryan, McConnel, McCain, Graham, Flake…Imagine a Congress (ect.) without them, they say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

    • Bob Delich

      many, many people feel the same way.

    • Randy M

      I got that MarinLocal…you are so right.

  • Bob Delich

    what’s good about Trump he will tell these weasels exactly what he thinks.

  • sockrayblue

    There can always be a recall election to get rid of him.

    • Big Wheel Hawaii

      Not Sure About That,,, The Corruption of The GOPe Runs Extremely

  • Big Wheel Hawaii

    Michelle Is One Of The Most Courageous Patriots,,, “Fighting The Fight” ,,, I “We” Save This Country,,, It Will Be Due To The Courage Of People Like Michelle… ie Dobbs,,, Sean,,, Mark Levin,,, Tucker,,,Trump,,,

  • george brown

    Michelle is BACK…THANK GOD

  • RevnantDream

    These people do not realize the old order is over. Play time rolling in American tax dollars they steal is over