Michelle Malkin Hosts New Documentary “Rocky Mountain Heist”

She’s BACK! And Hosting a New Documentary that Shows
How The Left Has Turned Red States Blue

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  • heinz r heck

    obama, holder, reid, pelosi ……. and democrats really try to ruin the USA

    • Susan Tenofsky

      This type of action, I consider, “expected” by the devious and fraudulent democratic party. Will it work is the question. They do not deserve to get the senate, but will they through fraud…so familiar to Obama.

  • D Garcia

    Naive, oblivious, asleep-at-the-wheel, unorganized and uninformed REPUBLICANS. “The Government You Elect Is The Government You Deserve,” Thomas Jefferson.

    • youa

      F.Y.I. It is not the government I elected. It’s the government low information voters elected. Don’t forget all the cheating. Democrats going to black churches to campaign and pick up church loads to vote democrat. If Republicans went to white churches to pick up people to vote you would complain. It would somehow be racist. Am I correct?

    • g

      except when voter fraud is involved

    • GOP == American Taliban

      TJ wrote that while raping his slaves.

      • mikinzla

        At least they were good for something.

  • Schooler

    Morons! Michelle Malkin is an angry idiot making a fortune with her far right BS

    • mikinzla


  • Schooler

    So an unnamed “intern” supplied these damning “documents”? That’s where their info comes from? Such obvious bullshit!!

  • Joe Smith

    Michelle Malkin is a true genius. Anyone who doesn’t think so, must be a moron. Every word from her mouth is pure “heaven” to my ears!

  • GOP == American Taliban

    Another talk show opportunist hypocrite. She is an affirmative action anchor baby. Her parents are illegal foreigners who over stayed work visas