Mia Love Endorses Marco Rubio

Published On February 16, 2016 » 1185 Views» Election 2016, GOP Candidates, Marco Rubio

“This is all about winning, I went with the candidate that I believe is going to win a general election” says Utah Congresswoman Mia Love as she explains why she’s supporting Senator Marco Rubio

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  • Teresa Ratcliffe

    Bull. Race has nothing to do with obama bringing in refugees. He is trying to turn our country into a third world country. Race has nothing to do with his ignoring christians who he is not letting in. It has nothing to do with not protecting our borders, illegal immigration, ignoring that police lives matter, not attending Scalia’s funeral and so many other things that the American people do not want. Obama has ignored his duty to serve and protect the people of the US to promote a globalization of America that the citizens are against. His policies are sending jobs outside the country. The only race issue is coming from obama’s administration and he is lying to us all! That’s why we don’t support him. Please. Sending billions of dollars to build mosques instead of rebuildinging our infrastructures. Supporting planned parenthood abortions. I could go on and on. All of these reasons have nothing to do with race!