Media Digs Dirt on KY Court Clerk Kim Davis – Dana Loesch

Published On September 2, 2015 » 2539 Views» Dana Loesch, Featured Patriots, Liberal Bias, Recent Post, War On Christians

Media Raises Questions about KY Clerk’s past after marriage licence standoff

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  • Judefour

    Becoming a regenerate follower of Jesus, doesn’t nullify a persons accountability to any lawful engagements. A covenant marriage doesn’t virtually ‘end’ because one of the spouses repents and receives grace from God as a new follower of Jesus. Megyn brings up the ‘hypocrite’ challenge every time a professing Christian is discovered in sin, and uses the scandal as a defense against ‘judging’ at all; as if the scripture condones everyone continuing in sin and keeping quiet about the matter. This is a blatant contradiction, when in fact, the argument in favor of not judging, is itself a judgement. The KY Clerk is committing adultery if she has “married another” while her covenant spouse is still living. You don’t have the latitude of a ‘do over’ when it comes to marriage; death alone dissolves the bond, not a legalized separation of the spouses through a divorce decree. It appears the Megyn is herself indulging in the sin of adultery by the aforementioned means. The apostle says clearly’ “she shall be called and adulteress”. There is no instance of any sin in scripture that becomes ‘un-sinful’ by the duration of time that passes while it is indulged. Here is one example of that deadly error that Jude (and all the apostles for that matter) warned about: “who turn the grace of God into lasciviousness”. All who adopt this fatal doctrine are styled ‘ungodly’, which precludes one from inheriting the promise of eternal life, unless they repent and forsake the sin.