Liberal Media Bias Exposed by Michelle Malkin

CRTV’s Michelle Malkin joins Sean Hannity to weigh in her take on the never-ending manufactured fake news media blitz attacking President-Elect Donald Trump

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  • Amber Bandicoot

    Sean Hannity doing what he does best: Interrupting people just as their turn to speak is about to pay off. Love Michelle Malkin. I can’t watch much of the endlessly interrupting Hannity, however.

    • Katrina

      I agree. Hannity seems too impressed with his own babble. He can have good material, then ruin it with talking over the others. Rather than trying to sort it out, I shut him off. He needs to learn respect and to sit down and shut up when others are talking.

  • Pragmatist

    Why are most ‘Conservative’ women ‘hotties’ and most LEFTARDS ‘DOGS’

    • Ted Cavalli

      It’s sad.. well, not really. Come to think of it, it’s fuckin’ awesome!

  • david

    Do stops and starts with the video of this babbling woman. Talk about condescending!