Laura Ingraham: “Trump Isn’t the Problem With Republican Brand”

Laura Ingraham nails this perfectly in her description as to why Donald Trump is surging in the recent polls

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  • flagged

    I agree with Laura, the Repubican Party is the problem with the brand, not Trump. If the RINO’s would shut their mouths and open their ears, then they may actually learn something from Trump.

  • Sarahistheone

    Let me ask…..when you speak on issues who do you most sound like….Donald Trump…….or Politicians, these airhead commentators, or the press. They calculate every word they say because of the PC bullshit! If we lose this election it’s over for patriotic Americans who love this country. There aren’t many of us left. After they have eliminated us the country will be left and stay left! The pendulum will be broken!

  • Candace Zingg

    Amen….finally. TRUMP 2016! Yes he will be the nominee!

  • Hannah

    Amen, sister. Tell it to Karl Rove:-)

  • Benny

    Laura is 100 percent right.

  • Secret Squirrel

    Love Laura but only 30 seconds of her on Fox & Friends? Why don’t you post the full segment with her? Every week?

  • Kevyn Sexton

    Even then the commentators are like, “Uh-huh.” I don’t think they believe it. Such a disconnect between those on TV and those in the real world. I’ve always like Laura. She is a friend of Trump.

  • Kevyn Sexton

    People are stupid, that’s why he gets no respect. He also has dealt with China and other countries and knows what they are like and yet the other candidates know best? People truly have crap for brains. I don’t worry about him at all because he always surrounds himself with the best and he will take their advice.

    • westriversd1

      Why didn’t Ed ask who had done more of these activities, Donald Trump or Hillarity Clintonianus?

  • Kelly

    They need to get rid of having Karl Rove on the Fox Channel..He should be the poster boy for everything wrong with the Republican’s!!! Jeb Bush is old news different day…The rest are all the same…Trump didn’t have to jump in..His life was just fine…He doesn’t have money to gain and he has power…What obviously is important to him is our country…American exceptionalism…I hope Trump debates well because the RHINO’s have it down to an art..

    • Barbie

      Trump is much smarter and can handle himself quite well with these other repubs.. no problem

  • westriversd1

    Exactly on point. I cannot believe the RNC and the establishment Republican politicians have become so far removed from the Conservative base. Conservatism is the lifeblood of the Party, without it we will continue losing elections for the Presidency forever. Actually, until the GOP dies and a new Party is born.

  • lexred

    Trump is just voicing the frustration most Americans feel about the illegal immigration problem. The establishment Republicans want cheap labor to drive wages down and the Democrats want more voters for their welfare state. The average American is forgotten and shafted.