Larry Elder Calls out Cory Booker’s Lame Testimony Against Jeff Sessions

Published On January 11, 2017 » 10831 Views» Larry Elder, Media Patriots, Racism, Recent Post, Religion of Leftism, War on Trump

“His (Jeff Sessions) crime is that he’s a white, male, conservative, Christian, heterosexual, from the south, Republican” says Larry Elder in response to Senator Cory Booker’s lame testimony against Trump’s Attorney General appointee

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  • JugEarsButtHurt

    He is good!

  • Dale Baranoski

    Wow, just got and snagged into reading the article about Pepperhead quarterback. Its a freaking supplement ad!! Grrrr

  • AppraisHer

    His brothas and sistas in the Congressional Black Caucus made him their houseboy, and he jumped for it. Desperate, gay Corey is so ambitious he’s willing to be used to advance himself to gain the nirvana the Black Caucus members have achieved…never work a day in your life, have a job their limited mentality would never grant them in the real world, get to push whitey around and rich beyond their wildest dreams of avarice.

    Larry Elder understood this because he’s what Gay Corey isn’t…a very intelligent gentleman.

  • AZWarrior

    Corey Booker is a lying, whiny, crybaby, race-baiting piece of doggschitt. Beware this schittface will run for prez in 2020.

    • I hope Booker runs in 2020, it will guarantee another 4 years of Trump. The left is completely clueless if they think he’s the one to lead the party.

  • Lem Renrek

    Moron doesn’t understand what the AG is supposed to do…. AG job isn’t to make people feel good