Joe Scarborough to Trump Supporters & Endorsers: “You’ve been suckered”

Published On June 6, 2016 » 3468 Views» Election 2016, Featured Video, Political Correctness, Racism, Recent Post

Trump’s Blunt Talk on Racial Identity Gets Massive Pushback from Both Sides

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  • Mary Haley


    • jo

      Go TRUMP.

  • Steven Carson

    Donald Trump is a disaster to this country. Dictator Don only loves power which is the only reason for him to run fr the Presidential bid. Since religion was brought up Trump has no place for God in his life since he refuses to ask for forgiveness and by all his actions which includes his tweets. There is only one true God and all others are false prophets. Bowing down and worshiping a false prophet will lead you straight to hell.

    • jo

      You did mean Hillary didn’t you. She is all of those things. I’m voting TRUMP, not the crook who wants to control every part of our lives through government.