Jedediah Bila SCHOOLS ‘The View’ on the downside of Obamacare

Published On October 5, 2016 » 12889 Views» Election 2016, Jedediah Bila, Liberal Bias, Media Patriots, Obamacare, Recent Post

Bill Clinton criticizes ‘Obamacare’ on the campaign trail and ‘The View’ weighs in.

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  • bpf53

    Does this idiot realize if China or Russia was the top dog the World would be a lot worse off- history proves that.
    The U.S.A. defeated Japan and we rebuilt it to a powerful economic power. Germany was not due to Communist Russia at the time which put the East German people in a prison for almost 50 years….
    If we were as “aggressive” as the left say America would really control the World, China is bullying it’s neighbors building man-made island with military base on each… This leftist with his anti-American bantering has been going on for decades..