Is the Republican Party Racist? – David Webb

Dr. Ben Carson continues to poll extremely high, yet the left continues to accuse the Republican Party for unfair discrimination against African Americans

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  • fanciladi

    No, the Republican Party is not racist.

  • George Gaither

    It’s a choice, if you want to join you are welcome. Why do people think they have to chase them down.

  • Vicki Simonetti Giglio

    just one more tactic of the left to try to get votes…..

    • It’s been a solid tactic that’s worked perfectly since the civil rights act was passed in 1964, no thanks to the Democrats, but hey, why bother with the truth when the fabricated lie works so well, right?

  • John Black

    you will never hear why Obama chose Biden as his VP, to entice white blue collar democrat “RACIST” to the voting booth. That is the fact. They all know it even the media. Or he chose biden to make him look smarter? nah

  • mickey mack

    It not the republicans that keep the black down, it’s the democrats. Blacks need to wake up and smell the coffee!!! The dems and liberals are the ones who are racist by not letting you off welfare, by making you live in the ghetto where you can kill each other.

  • Cletus B Neckbeard

    There are no stupider people than those so extremely lacking self-awareness as the left always do. That they imagine themselves to be qualified to determine to whom the preponderance of racism belongs has to be a comedy act.

  • Peter Gibson

    Listening to this indoctrinated moron talk about the “infamous” Southern Strategy – as if it’s some sort of magic bullet Exhibit A GOP indictment – proves beyond all doubt that Boykin hasn’t a single passing clue about the historical truth regarding the subject. Moreover, it shows that he is prone to the most facile, revisionist understanding of the true history surrounding the Civil Rights movement. In fact the only redeeming thing Boykin managed in that debate was to smartly avoid the other (DNC approved) false narrative: that somehow, in a 1964 game of Magical Musical Chairs, the Republicans and Democrats “switched sides” because …. ummm…. #racism. Had he brought up such obvious nonsense Webb could have mopped the floor with him.

    Boykin is a puppet on a string. That much is plain to see. More importantly, here’s why he’s so typical these days. (In advance: please excuse my verbosity)

    Black ‘consciousness’ has choked under the weight of Democrat “solidarity” for over 4 decades now. We’ve suffocated as Progressives/Eugenicists increasingly infiltrated modern Liberalism over the last 100 years, systematically installing their preferred racist social engineering construct. Theirs has always been a bigoted fabrication, fine-tuned over almost a century of hard work, perfected recently via consistently improving methods of entertainment/media propaganda, as well as economic, narcotic, punitive, and social coercion. The end result is what we see today, a kind of minority-centric Liberal Dependence ‘classism’ that no one on the Left dares to confront honestly, without running the risk of their own self-implication in a gigantic, malevolent scumbag-apalooza.

    #blackliesmatter is just the latest rank example of this finely tuned progressive ‘system’ being manipulated like a sheep-herding tool, yet another in a long list of morally repugnant means to their ends.

    This Progressive left’s ‘set up’ has long since translated into a choreographed confluence of events which creates, maintains, and then propagates an inferior faux “reality”, in this case, for Black people to live under in perpetuity. Victim-hood, irresponsibility, dependence, and ‘persecution complex’ are rewarded with sympathetic media attention, promoted esoterism, freebies, and a mountain heap of Democrat political promises that mean virtually nothing. It’s a massively counter-intuitive, self-perpetuating perfect storm, engineered to make Black Liberal loyalty look like the simplest, easiest and ONLY way to get ahead in the ‘hood. This is the Black American ‘Unconsciousness’, a condition now widely preferred over the ostensibly much more “difficult” and “racist” moral/socioeconomic values like individual responsibility, self reliance, and an adherence to the nuclear family unit.

    So sad to see this become a way of life, but it has so far as I’ve seen these last 7 years, even though it’s so obviously based on an wholly destructive paradigm. It began back in the day with rancid bigots like Margaret Sanger, and was further honed by stooges and racists like LBJ, thru to this administration’s Boy-King figurehead. It thrives now through a trickled down, internalized ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’, a miserable status quo which has been all-but fully assimilated into “African” American Culture.

    i.e., “The man keeps you down”; “You’ll never get ahead, so thank a White racist”; “life’s (normal) hardships aren’t your own, Whitey gives you that misery”; “Misogyny is the only way to roll, becuz women be skanky b!tche$. Only a stupid ni&&a would marry a ho”, e.t.c… These are but a few of the mantras I have heard parroted incessantly from ALL angles, since I was old enough to reach for the silverware. Did such repulsive, counter-intuitive convincers arrive in my own growing self-identity by way of some mystical racist Republican influence? Sorry, but I don’t think I met a single bonafied Republican until I was 18. So basically, NO.

    Various Liberal ‘carrots’ like affirmative action, free abortions “women’s health care”, ever-increasing entitlement schemes, and HIGHLY conditional financial assistance guidelines ensure that the law-abiding Black American stays very close to these cotton fields; fueling this disgusting inferiority complex. And where those ‘carrots’ occasionally fail, the ‘stick’ picks up the slack. That ‘stick’ being the Drug War. It’s no coincidence how all of these minority-centric, “benevolent” Progressive government programs (including the Drug War) began picking up steam during the exact same time period…… directly after the Civil Rights Act. Hmmm…

    Population control has also played an extremely important role in the Progressive left’s “Black solidarity” working as well as it does. In fact I’ve no doubt that ‘Roe Vs Wade’ dropped down like manna from heaven for all Proglodytes. Hence, 79% of today’s Planned Parenthood’s clinics are within walking distance of minority communities. Yes. Seriously. 79%.

    Added; isn’t it strange how no one in politics or the media ever talks about the other Elephant In The Voting Booth room; that an otherwise logically/statistically impossible 90+% of a single demographic, filled with provably varied and dissimilar sociopolitical ideals, votes uniformly Democrat? Almost as if we were pre-programmed robots, huh. Funny, that.

    Considering Obozo’s recent ‘immigration’ lunacy, which is now positioned to poison all hope of future Black economic viability, what else did you think would become absolutely necessary to ‘tame the herd’… you know… before we actually started to wise up and see the writing on the wall? PRESTO, White folks magically became racist pigs again (of course). Happened somewhere around the 2012 election campaign when unbelievably, a Hispanic man was “mistakenly” broad-stroked ‘White’ by sympathetic media wh0res, and immediately became the face of old school KKK style racist boogeyman “terror”. As if that wasn’t enough, how about those funky 2014 Senate elections, when a 300lb, lawless bully was canonized by contrived “hands up don’t shoot” memes, long after the homeys at the DOJ were compelled by their own evidence to deem that shooting a righteous act of self defense.

    Critical Theorists hold tomes dating back decades, detailing the many groups of “undesirables” they would utilize in order to attack American society, and thus break it down from within. These groups are the confirmed useful idiots… the Anarchists, Black Panthers, Neo Nazis, the Gay community, e.t.c… So if nothing else I’ve written makes any sense, believe this: it is NO ‘coincidence’ that we are now watching idealistic millennial twits being steered at will by “Kill The Rich'” #occupy anarchists, The New Black Panthers, and a subversive media propping up thugs and felons as virtual Twitterized Saints. Considering this, it’s suddenly not so strange how gunned down 9 year old Black girls and ALL White victims are so quickly and utterly forgotten. The overwhelming tragedy of Black on Black crime and the racially disproportionate abortion mill issue also… easily rendered inconsequential by ALL Liberal constructs, institutions, and consciences. This is a perfect storm of subterfuge, denial, and deflection, absorbed willingly by those it most negatively effects, all in service to a provably false narrative. Standardized Cultural Marxism folks, openly on display.

    Boykin and his koolaid drunk predecessors can never hope to reconcile these truths objectively, without suffering from a complete
    ideological breakdown. None-the-less, the ONLY political party showing overwhelming evidence of institutional racism is the Democratic Party. And plantation chumps just like Boykin have unwittingly insulated Dems from culpability in this happy horse crap for almost 50 years.

    • Paul

      Absolutely stellar work Pete.
      Thank you.

      • Peter Gibson

        Much appreciated my friend. 🙂

    • Cletus B Neckbeard

      Wise beyond your years, Peter. Lucky family, yours.

    • Peter, that was an amazing post sir. My goodness. I think you should be contacting Prager University and see if you could write the screenplay to his next course on racism in America, where ALL could benefit from your perspective of the truth. 🙂

    • Yeah, Obama’s a Communist

      I have enjoyed your analysis and will be sharing it.
      Thanks, PG.

      • Paul McCormick

        And now there is another voice screaming in the wilderness, People are starting to see what I have said for nearly half a century now, it is truly heartwarming.

    • Steveglen

      Wow! Thanks for that. Verbosity? I don’t see an unnecessary word.

    • Jughead417

      Excellent. You covered it all. Thanks.

  • Chinbato

    Democrats created the KKK to suppress, oppress and KILL blacks. Republicans fought and gave them their freedom. WTF did I miss??

  • Caves45

    The Biggest Racist are the people who keep pointing out Racism . Think about it .