Is Immigration Reform Dead in the Water? – Michelle Malkin

“This order sent a very clear message to the Imperial dictators at the Obama White House, In Your Face!” Says Michelle Malkin  as the Federal Court deals a harsh decision on President Obama’s Immigration Order

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  • D Scott Horton

    I love Michelle Malkin.

    • SRVDisciple

      She is so awesome when she’s on fire like in this clip!

  • JustMyOpinion

    You go Michelle! Love the statistics you gave

  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    As a matter of fact yes we do wish to send 12 million illegal aliens back to Mexico’s Border

    • hadenough57

      Thank you!

    • mcmlxxiixxv

      I yelled ‘I DO’ when he said that.

    • Sams_1

      Ahhhh man all we have to do is deny all things THEY HAVE NO FRIGGIN RIGHT TO IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEY GO BACK ON THEIR OWN. No freebies or jobs etc. They have more for free in Mexico and C.A.
      This has been proved int he past with the 2008 economic crisis El Salvador Honduras etc saw then returning in droves and I have fist hand knowledge of this. That deport stuff is a red herring do not allow it to be said

    • Tiago Arruda

      if send me to the Border i come back sooner!!! Love Merica

  • Don P

    Is he nuts? I’m not all that conservative, and yeah,.. I want to send all 12 million packing back to Mexico.

  • Wesley Asamoto

    I have always enjoyed watching Kelly File or every other shows on Fox News but more so whenever you make an appearance. You are definitely a very powerful voice for WE THE PEOPLE. We thank you, wholeheartedly!!!

  • Nancy Robbins

    I think we should send at least 12 million illegal invaders back to their home country, and then we can start shipping the rest out also.

  • jtak101

    The VERY first thing we need to do is stop paying their bills..and fining the hell out of those who employ them…..then figure out a way to ship them back. They’ll stop coming when the gravy train and employment opportunities come to a halt.

    • Sams_1

      Time for a roundup of the names of their employers and true boycotts YOU know the name of that bank what will they do if we take out OUR money?

    • Gail Miller

      Go to Yakima, Wa… There are THOUSANDS of illegals here.. We have orchards here, so this is the 3rd major drop point for illegals after they cross the border. I don’t remember the other two, but I know there are way too damn many illegals here!!

  • Figgy

    My goodness! No one does it better than the lovely Mrs Malkin in beating down these weasels and leaving them stuttering like the insipid fools that they are. God bless her!

  • George Pankey

    And whats wrong whith cattle cars? A little paint a throw pillow or two some Frabreez and there not to bad for a day or two trip throw a cooler with some dos xx’s and some water hell it’s better than the trip north!

    • DezzNutz

      Especially since that is how quite a few of them got in here

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Personally I think it should be illegal to hire a person who has no proof of citizenship or a work permit..Accompany that with hefty fines.

  • miklyd

    they are NOT ‘undocumented Americans’…they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!…I want them sent back!!

    • William P. Thompson

      They are not ‘undocumented Americans’…they are ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS!!… They are not immigrants until they follow our requirements, our laws…until then they are TRESPASSERS!! Send them back!!

    • nwwapiti


  • Auntie Enn

    I’m tired of the talking heads who think they know and espouse what we, the People, want. How about putting it to a vote – nationwide? And, only REGISTERED voters with a picture ID should be able to vote. Maybe even institute a fingerprint ID so that dead folks won’t vote. And in that vote question, give the costs and ramifications of allowing these 12 million illegals to stay.
    How many have criminal records? Give us a number. There are statistics on the ones who have been repeatedly deported and return repeatedly.
    How many have communicable diseases? They have these figures from the CDC
    How much will it cost yearly to provide medical care for them? These figures should be available at the Emergency rooms and Health Clinics where they go for medical care.
    How will allowing them to stay affect Social Security? Welfare? Foodstamps – SNAP?
    Remember, the powers that be tell us daily that Social Security, Welfare and the SNAP programs are running out of money and that SS will be non-existent in the next 30 years. What impact will 12 million – mostly unskilled laborers – have on these programs?

    • Pilgrim22

      Picture ID’s, finger prints! OMG are you trying to adversely affect black voters. /s

      • Diane Cline

        No one is trying to adversely affect the black voter but without some form of identity many of those 12 million illegal aliens who are untrained workers will certainly cause a problem for legal citizens of color being able to find work. Also without valid identification those same illegal aliens could vote to allow themselves to stay and make it even worse for those of color. State identification is free in most states to very little in others.

        • Pilgrim22

          My comment was marked as being sarcastic….I total agree with you.

    • Gail Miller

      I would LOVE to know how SS is running out of money when we all pay into it!! They keep STEALING the money from us!! Bastards..
      Also, you are 100% correct on all your points!

      • Sabrina Levy

        Social Security is running short of money because it was never designed to have so many on the program to begin with. They system was designed only for a small percentage of people who at the time did not live very long after retirement. Now people are living into their eighties and nineties. I find it hard to accept that we can not afford more for our retirees but have money to give to those who came here illegally.

    • disqus_Ym71BPinpE

      Welfare and the SNAP programs are running out of money… Welfare is not. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • cdansreau

    Simply put Obama has to stay within the law. Within defined quotas, punishment for illegals,AND turning them back at the border. Not capturing their surrender, moving them hundreds of miles and then releasing them with a promise to attend court trial many months away.

    i do want to release them near the fence that they were captured at and tell them if they cross back they will be shot.

  • Frank

    Send them back!

  • dknite

    Can’t help but feel the reason for the big insurance change is so that we can pay for what they don’t have to. Send them home!

  • Its_My_Fault

    People keep saying “we can’t send all those illegals back, there’s too many”. What they are saying is that when you reach a critical mass of lawbreakers you change the laws to make their illegal activity legal. We are seeing the same thing happen with the manufactured hate for our police by this administration. Once they “dumb down” the laws for police enforcement this country becomes a ghetto.

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  • momsaid

    He said, ‘in cattle cars’, when denying that people want to deport illegals. They manage to get here without cattle cars, they can go home without them. When Georgia passed a law that would require citizenship, to receive benefits and/or attend school, *suddenly* thousands of *intact* families made a beeline for the border.

  • Kimosd1

    Check your pants…. Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have more balls than the entire Republican leadership put together.

    • jackooo41

      Boy u got that right. The Republicans are losers as well as the Democrats. Hard for me to say that but that is what I see.
      Obama stuffs it up their kazooo and they say thanks.

  • hadenough57

    Forget the train cars, send them back on buses.

    • jackooo41

      Send them back the way you herded cattle to the rail head. WALKING!!!!

  • Chris Moore

    I say that they are wrong. I want every single illegal deported regardless of where they are from, why they are here or how old they are and I don’t care how long they have been here.
    Round them up and get them gone. I don’t even care where you send them or what condition they are in when they get there. They just need to be out of this country and we need a series of computer controlled, motion sensor activated machine gun turrets setup along the boarder to make sure that anything larger than a mouse is killed if it tries to come over without permission.

  • Gail Miller

    I LOVE Michelle!! But I will say that I would be in favor of rounding up all of the illegals ( not just the Hispanic ones ) and ship them all home. We can barely keep our own heads above water! We are a sinking ship with all of these border crossings! Time to stop it and send them all home! No more “refugees” either, most of them are friggin terrorists anyway!!

  • disqus_OBJ1nn7cwY

    This is a no-brainer. You send the 12 million back pretty much the same way they got here-one busload at a time….

  • Colonel Angus

    Dang, I love Michelle.

  • DezzNutz

    Heck, you could have sent 12 million illegals back via commercial flight for less money when you look at how much the Dream Act has cost.

    One-way flight, avg ticket price – $200 X 12 million illegal aliens = $24 million dollars add in bureacratic fees, IE: costs to get them “rounded up” and placed on the planes…lets say $75 million dollars, minimum. Thats almost $100 million.

    Obama Admin asked for $1 billion to implement Dream Act.

  • DezzNutz

    I think we could have sent 12 million illegals back via commercial flight for what the Dream Act has cost taxpayers. I read somewhere the Obama Admin requested $1 billion dollars to implement it.

  • jackooo41

    Mine the border. The animals get a new food supply source. Americans save $$$. More jobs for Americans. We can spend more money giving arms to ISIS as the Iraqi leave their posts and run!!!

  • jackooo41

    Walked into my voting building with my girl friend to vote. They asked who I was. I said Barack Obama. She said Michelle Obama. The registrar laughed. I said what are you laughing at? We don’t need proof of who we are!!
    After that we gave the name and address of a neighbor. We voted.
    Later came back and voted again under our names and address.
    It was soooo easy in Ca. /s

  • Lorri French

    YES !