Inside an Anti-Trump Protest – David Webb

Anti-Trump Protesters Can’t Explain Dislike For Donald Trump

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  • Carol P

    I don’t “hate” Trump and I’m not a protester, but I wouldn’t have any trouble voicing why he would embarrass me if he was the President. There is nothing we have seen from Trump to make us think he will be. He’s vindictive at every turn, he’s vulgar, he’s greedy, he’s crass , he’s inconsistent, he’s an authoritarian, evidently he would use Jack Bauer-style torture (but Jack would stop at killing families, I believe); He’s boastful, arrogant, insecure, he lies about being a conservative when his actions prove otherwise, his speech patterns are monotonous and limited. He boasts of his deal-making talents when most Conservatives became angry in the first place BECAUSE Boehner and McConnell made deals. He appeals to our basest common denominator – just as the liberals do. In his case – anger. We would hire him basically… to express our anger, because most of what he promises to fix as president – by the Constitution – he is powerless to do w/o Congress and the Supreme Court. Cruz knows the ins and outs of both, and is unpopular with his colleagues BECAUSE he will not budge on doing what he promised the voters he would do.

    • I see him as a new breed in a political realm, straight to the point, unfiltered, unapologetic, true to his words and a strong fit to lead America. Funny how that different from your opinion. o yea, the “greedy” word that he used was a business term as in “raking in profit”. You’re welcome.


      OK so we’re u as offended when Obama screamed u didnt build that, Christians clinging to their guns and religion, how much money is too much money….remarks?
      Btw he seems to be happy to have increased his net wealth by 20 million in seven yrs on a half a million a yr salary.

  • Hoppyman50

    I’m not a Trump supporter but these leftist sanders supporters are morons!