Indiana’s Law & A Question of Tolerance Debated – Dana Loesch on Kelly File

Donations pour in for the Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana; tolerance is debated on the Kelly File between Dana Loesch and Leslie Marshall

  • Joe Robinson

    Being gay is not a choice.
    Being an Ignorant Christian is a choice.

    So how can it be a sin if God made us this way?

    • Who exactly are you accusing of being an “Ignorant Christian”?

      • Isnt it something how the ungodly preach to those trying to BE godly?

    • Ricard

      …I know a couple ex-gays…

      • Irish O’Jay

        You are a complete idiot. Typical dumb American.

        • lovnutah

          come to the states and say that fuckwad

      • One of my best friends, @JayXGay on twitter is former homosexual and happy

    • ****ALL sex is a CHOICE. ******
      God may have made you with more hormones, or for women, more testosterone but he says in the Bible that to lie (or have sex) with a member of the same sex is an abomination.

  • Andy Capp

    Find Your Local LGBT Or Muslim Owned Store Demand They Carry Bibles, Bake Cakes With Christian Symbols

  • Irish O’Jay

    Noone gets the point here. Nobody spews more hate than religious people. By the way, nobody ordered any fucken pizza.