“If you’re a Constitutional Conservative, prove it, and stop being a sell-out” – Michelle Malkin

Published On November 10, 2015 » 16388 Views» Election 2016, Featured Patriots, Immigration, Michelle Malkin, Recent Post, Unemployment

Michelle Malkin joins Sean Hannity to discuss the GOP field and their position on immigration; also her latest book Sold Out

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  • qqchris55

    If you are going to Trash Trump … Like you did when on Megan Kelly’s show … You can keep your book Michelle … I was very disappointed in you …. I like Trump …

    • denru

      I think Trump could hold an office, but in my honest opinion, I don’t think he would make a good president. I see his current charisma for some and after Obama winning on such a platform (among other things) I will keep on waiting and see.

      • qqchris55

        I disagree… I think Trump would make a great President … But don’t get me wrong … I haven’t decided yet … I am still for Ted Cruz … Just think Michelle needs to not attack Trump … Listen to the People … Trump is VERY POPULAR … and I believe Honest ….

  • Penny Mulligan

    She was more complimentary to Trump on other shows and she is right, he has on at least one occasion parroted the STEM worker shortage lie. But heck, that lie was repeated by so many for so long even a political junkie like me fell for it initially. Trump is new to politics and is learning, and I haven’t heard him make that mistake again.

  • tgiordan

    I think Michelle Malkin is correct about the effects of mass immigration on low wage workers and about the racket of bringing in STEM workers and firing Americans. However, don’t confuse Trump with any kind of conservative, no matter if he babbles nonsense about deporting 11 million people and making Mexico pay for a wall. He has always been one of the crony capitalists who has no problem with using government to advance his interests including his misuse of eminent domain and his four (no doubt planned) bankruptcies.

  • Jerry Hanlon

    Captain Obvious here…Michelle is a hottie !!!! And she’s even smarter. !!!!!