If You Support Donald Trump, Stop Telling People You’re a Conservative!

Published On April 4, 2016 » 2415 Views» Election 2016, GOP Candidates, Recent Post, Right Thoughts
Trump Meme


Earlier this morning, a Facebook friend posted a link I checked out, and felt compelled to share my thoughts:
I keep hearing about how ANGRY people are and that we NEED a change from the status quo. That’s great, we get that, unless you’re a far left wing lunatic, NO ONE is pleased with what’s been going on for the past 7 years.
What makes you think Donald Trump ‘the establishment INSIDER’ will be best suited to do ANYTHING to change things for the positive?
Are you certain he’ll nominate a decent “CONSERVATIVE” judge for the SCOTUS ? I’m not, after last week, I’m not convinced of anything about this guy other than he changes his position on the issues as often (even MORE SO) than any other ‘ESTABLISHMENT’ politician has in recent memory.
On Foreign policy, you still think he has Israel’s back? I sure as hell don’t.
He fails to see the value of NATO on any level.
Are the people who he has surrounding and representing him on the campaign trail an indication of what he’ll have as a President? Because if they are, are you feeling good about this?
The bottom line: If you’re ok with ANY of the issues I questioned above, you’re NOT a conservative, and please stop claiming you are.