Hugh Hewitt to Morning Joe: “Trump did more outreach in one day Obama did in a year”

Published On January 24, 2017 » 15767 Views» Donald Trump, Election 2016, Hugh Hewitt, Media Patriots, Recent Post

“President Trump did more outreach in one day yesterday than President Obama did in a year when he brought in the trades people” says Hugh Hewitt to the ‘Morning Joe’ panel as he discusses Donald Trump, Democrats and the Cultural Echo Chamber, and his latest book ‘The Fourth Way’

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    Trump has it so easy. All he has to do is not work hard at harming the US and he’ll be a big improvement.

    • RightSightings

      EXACTLY! They’ve lowered the bar so much short of starting a 3rd world war, he’ll come across looking great! 😉

  • Lorri French

    I reallly like Hugh Hewitt. He really is the only one these on this show Who is and worth listening to and makes it interesting.