How Well Was President Obama Vetted in 2008? – Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin joins Megyn Kelly  to discuss the media vetting of Dr. Ben Carson 2016 vs. Obama 2008; also to discuss her latest book Sold Out

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  • Yeah Buddy

    How well was he vetted? He wasn’t. A few Democrat ‘leaders’ said
    “this is our guy”, and everybody ate it up. Do as you’re told, and
    don’t ask any questions.

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  • tgiordan

    Of course he wasn’t vetted. How else could he have gotten away with spending years in the pews of a church whose racist pastor hates America. Anyone who truly loved America would have found another church. Need I say more?

  • David

    He wasn’t vetted. The media acted on his behalf! They were his cheerleading team, his public relations team, his promoters, his protectors, and his handlers. Recall George Stephanopoulos in an interview where Obama referred to John McCain not bringing up (making an issue of) his Muslim faith? George quickly acted (so much for a neutral/unbiased press) on behalf of Obama and rescued him. Youtube it in case you’ve been living under a rock. The media played, and most still do, both defense and offense for Obama. The Leftist media will go to great lengths to place a Leftist politician into political office … BY ANY MEANS AVAILABLE!

  • Lorri French

    Excellent segment . Great job by Patriot Michelle Malkin

  • Steve Fairbank

    there was plenty of info on him circulating the internet but it fell on deaf ears and blind eyes of the lemming dems

  • Richard Bosma

    I sent Trump two long birth certificates made in Indonesia and signed by an English colonel One of a woman born a month earlier and the other for sotoro( Obama!! ) both down loaded from my computer!!

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