Hillary Clinton’s Political Flip-Flop on Gay Marriage Analyzed by Tammy Bruce & Guy Benson

Published On June 28, 2015 » 1683 Views» 1st Amendment, Guy Benson, Political Correctness, Recent Post, Supreme Court Decisions

A compelling discussion on the ruling for same-sex marriage between Tammy Bruce and Guy Benson, hosted by Tucker Carlson

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  • Judefour

    It wouldn’t matter if any person opposed homosexual sin or not: though man may approve of such sins, God forbids it. Who has ever taken up the fight against God and prevailed? Very sad to see 2 human souls that have reconciled their conscience with a sin that is against nature, (the brute creation will not follow this practice) and one that leaves the mind indisposed to serious reflection. They are calling evil good, and putting bitter for sweet. How can they escape when they neglect the great salvation, and plead for that which is contrary to the purity of the blessed Jesus? Dreadful times when ‘every man dose that which seems right in his own eyes’.