Gun Rights Have Been Restricted in DC by Emily Miller

Published On January 31, 2015 » 4114 Views» 2nd Amendment, Emily Miller, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Recent Post

Only 8 of 66 Applicants for Conceal Carry Permits have been approved, is this really a win for the 2nd Amendment?

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  • Ron Campbell

    Thank You Emily for watching out for our rights

    • I will always support ALL of the Constitution!

  • Harry McMerkin

    Emily, you’re the best! Thanks for being a lone voice of reason in the asylum we call Washington D.C.

  • David R. Brown

    DC is using the same law Maryland uses.

    • Quite literally — the city council copied the language from MD.

  • PavePusher

    D.C. needs to be cleansed by fire. Preferably an asteroid strike.

    • tionico

      trouble with that is a lot of GOOD folks will get burned….. no, ferret out the bad guys (most of whom are wearing government issued costumes) and treat them to what they deserve under the law. Kathy Lanier swore an oath to protect and defend the US Conasitution, and she has utterly failed to keep that oath. This is perjury.

      • PavePusher

        Sometimes, you have to take one for the team. And those closest to the epicenter of the problem bear part of the responsibility for not taking action before now.

        I’m hyperbolizing, of course, but hey, a man can dream….

  • tionico

    In a city of 600K residents, assumiing the vast majority of them are law abiding and legal residents (though the Constitution does NOT make that a precondition…..) only SIXTY SIX have wasted their money to apply for the Mother May I Card? Hah, in one county in CALIFORNIA, population well under 100K, that sheriff, in CALIFORNIA< mind you, has over FOUR THOUSAND active permits in his county. The crime against persons and homes rate is almost nonexistent.

    What would it take to sstart a recall election against Lanier? SHE has to go. SHE is pushing heavier restrictions at every turn.
    I think the best possible outcome would be for the court that hears this to determine that the city IS in contempt, Lanier personally as wel, and that, since the city refused to provide a workable means after the last two cases demanding they do so within a given time limit (now way past….) that the residents in that city now have the right to carry WITHOUT any Mother May I cards.

  • JSH

    Emily, DC would be lost without you. I don’t live in the District; but I do travel there occasionally. I usually stay in Fairfax and drive into DC; but when I do I have to leave my gun at the hotel and I really don’t like doing that. I’d love to be able to carry inside the capitol the next time I go. Keep up the fight, keep the pressure on, and keep us all posted.